Pay Per Click for Conversion, Not Just Traffic

What’s the concept of “Pay Per Click”? You are charged for every single ad click that direct the person to your website.

A product without advertising is like baking a cake, smelling it and keeping it as it is in the fridge. A few decades ago, this was the case only with other forms of advertising. But this bug has now bitten the digital world also. Fortunately, it has changed the virtual world for the better. Now you can bake a cake and eat it too.

Reality check: Putting in money does not guarantee you the right kind of traffic and conversions. If not rightly done, Search Engine Advertising giving you only relevant traffic depends is simply luck. The campaign should always be worked on and run in such a way that you get more returns on less investment.

How does Score Viral help you with Pay Per Click?
Score Viral designs and runs your Pay Per Click campaign in a way where we make sure that the amount spent is trivial compared to the traffic driven. Advertisements will no doubt give you traffic – hell lot of it infact, but do they assure you right traffic is what we would like to ask you once again? Do they assure you traffic that leads to conversion? For us, Conversion Matters, Not Just the Number of Visitors!

Score Viral helps you with better pay per click services which also means better targeting, so that your ad increases your click-through rates and lowers your cost resulting into more returns on investment.

Know more on PPC Packages here:

Activities Starter $139/month Value $399/month Premium $749/month
Initializing the Project  
Search Engines supported Google Google (Facebook, Twitter Website Click Ads) Google & Bing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Website Click Ads)
Account Setup
Conversion Tracking Consultation
Campaign Optimization  
Keyword Research & Bid Management 1000 5000 Unlimited
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Google Ad Extentions Consultation
Ongoing Strategy Development
Quality Score Report
Mobile / Tablet Ad Optimization
Landing Page Recommendation 2 4
Website Usability Report
Website Conversion Analysis Report
Display Ad Optimization  
Text Ads
Image Ads 2 4 6
Video Ads (if Applicable)
Placement Sites Targeting
Remarketing Ad
Interest-based Ad
Topic Targeting
Google Analytics  
Account & Profile Setup
Google Analytics code checker report
Website Funnel Tracking Consultation
Site Speed Report
Weekly & Monthly Report
Customer Support  
Email/Chat/Phone Support

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